“I would, and I do, recommend Dr. McConville to anyone who asks about wearing braces, especially at my age (57). She is a perfectionist and has a very structured and efficient staff. The office layout, atmosphere and the smile I now have is well worth the time and money I've invested in myself.”
- Amanda M.

“My first visit was a few days ago. The staff was very friendly. I was very impressed with the professionalism and the courtesy everyone showed to make me feel at home. Thank you, and look forward to the next few years with you all.”
- Sabrina G.

“Sandhills Orthodontics is very high tech office. They do braces in a way that makes the patient more relaxed and causes the least amount of pain as possible. I love it!”
- Hannah F.

“They were really nice and made getting braces a lot easier to deal with. If you're getting braces, totally go here!”
- Ethan H.